Beef: A New Years Diet

It’s taken 18 days since the new year to put my thoughts into words but I believe I’ve finally found the words that describes my opinion about the Common x Drake feud. Beef is delicious.

Back in late December, 2011, Common openly admitted that his second single ‘Sweet’ from his latest album ‘The Dreamer/The Believer’, was in fact a diss track towards the first name Ever, last name Greatest Toronto MC. Although crediting Drake as a very successful artist and giving credit where credit is due, Common refers to his subminal jabs as a rap battle, stating “It’s just about MCing and once you step in there, you’re in the ring baby—especially if you’re gonna say ‘I’m the champion, I’m the greatest.”

In many opinions this is true. The battle is a true tradition in hip-hop culture. It is what keeps hip-hop raw and witty. But, comparable to the 2007 50 Cent vs. Kanye West beef, this battle is not a clash of who’s hip hop sucks but the chase of hip-hop bucks.

“Back when if a nigga reached, it was for the weapon / Nowadays niggas reach just to sell their record” – Drizzy: Stay Schemin’ on Rick Ross’ ‘Rich Forever’ free mixtape.

A really good friend of mine and fellow hip-hop enthusiast asked me what I thought of the whole rap drama. I carefully replied that Common will forever be hip-hop. He is a pioneer of a neglected hip-hop sub-genre (yup, I said it) and will forever be known as a true MC. Truth be know, Common’s 2005 album is responsible for how I write my initial Be. However, when it comes to this rap battle, it is evident that Common is trying to bring attention to himself and ironically proving there is No Country For Old Men. Responding to Common’s ‘Stay Schemin’ rebuttal, OVOXO affiliate, The Weeknd commented: “That was the worst comeback I’ve ever heard. Reminds me of someone’s drunk uncle”.

I would have to admit to reiterate ‘Sweet’ in a comeback track lacks originality and the line “I’m taking too long with this amateur guy / You ain’t wet nobody, nigga, you Canada dry.” is pretty weak. Really Common, ‘I’m just saying / You can do better?’

What also disappoints me is that back in November 14, 2011 I wrote about Common’s video premiere of ‘Sweet’, commenting on the relationship between the song and the Haiti earthquake relief struggle. It was a bold move to debut the video as a fundraising opportunity for the J/P Haiti Relief Organization however, to suddenly flip it into a Drake diss really displays a mixed integrity.

To not discredit Common, The Dreamer / The Believer is a solid hip-hop album and a refreshing reserve to a sensitive rap movement. With tracks like Ghetto Dreams feat. Nas, Raw (How You Like It), and inspirational tracks like Celebrate, and, Windows, listeners are reminded that Elam has not left rap story-telling alone.

I’m just overall disappointed on how a true hip-hop great could derive into a rap scandal. Where many Common followers give props to the Thelonis’ threat, I’m reminded of Q-Tip’s message to all Phony Rappers: “Let me stop sounding all bitter / Ghetto child, never be a quitter / But don’t be a phony in the litter / Take it as a letter from the better / Take it from a man who used to rhyme in busted ass Jetta’s.” 

At the end of the day it’s proven that the rap battles keep MC talents in debate and with today’s easy info-accessible generation; haters gonna hate and bloggers gonna blog. Nevertheless, beef is a reminder that MC’s better keep their rap tools sharp—and excellent entree to any hip-hop conversation.


Stay Schemin’: Rick Ross featuring Drake and French Montana

Common’s Response

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Drake x Lil Wayne x Tyga: The Motto Video

Reposting The Motto! It should have been called First 3 Words but hey, its Beezy Baby. Check out this new video from Drizzy x Weezy x Tyga. I was about to call off Tyga as a legit MC but he has redeemed himself with this verse. My only comment is that if the video was filmed in homage to the Bay area and featured E40 and Mistah FAB, why not throw a verse on it? Always keep the Bay Hyphy mang. Ghostride the whip!

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Watch The Throne: N*ggas in Vancouver

Hands down, the best concert I’d ever been to—period. There’s not much else you can say when you’re basically watching two and a half hours of the best rap music in the last 10 years. It was so great that it excused all the mean mugged, hip-hop heads sizing up each other and the parade of scandalous daughters in their long heel, red bottom costumes. Hip-Hop was in the building.

The setlist of songs was a perfect flow of entertainment, arranged in a combination of shared hits and individual spotlights. From Big Pimpin’ (pause) to Gold Digger (pause) to 99 Problems (pause)—it was the perfect mixture. I was rapping along so hard that I admittedly didn’t follow Jay-Z’s ‘First rule, keep cool’ motto.

I even appreciated Kanye’s 808 medleys over the raised, red platform. I would have to agree that it may have been long winded because I mostly enjoy Hip-Hop, but in response to Canadian rapper Shad’s review I also need to remind myself that the stadium was mostly filled with a generation who didn’t grow up in Hip-Hop’s golden era but the Yeezy era. (Why else do you think it’s Beezy Baby?) Kanye has to out perform in a digital age where music is more accessible and where genres gets harder to define. Where I would lose my shit over Jay introducing and reintroducing himself that he’s from ‘Marcy son’, the Davie Street couple beside me would lose theirs over ‘Heartless’. Ironically enough after Kanye’s 808 spotlight it was ‘On To Next One’.

As the tour ended and breaking the record of Niggas in Paris 11 times, I met up with my buddies who were seated at different seats with our cellphone batteries running low. Shout out to my brother who decided to come last minute, even though he had to wake up at 5am to catch a 7am flight back to Calgary on stand by. I pride that he took meaning to my trending quote ‘I regret nothing’. We would both agree that shit…. you already know.

Best show ever! Fish Fillet.

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Ludacris x Gucci Mane: Shake N Fries (NSFW)

‘Don’t be offended when I tell you that you’re very pretty’ Gucci Mane

Check out Ludacris’ new music video ‘Shake N Fries’ featuring the Gucc off Ludacris’ mixtape 1.21 Gigawatts. Just a quick note to those who watch this in the office—this ain’t no quarterly presentation. NSFW.

Ludacris’ 1.21 Gigwatts: Back To The First Time is already available for download courtesy of DatPiff.

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Busta Rhymes & Mystikal join YMCMB

Just when you thought YMCMB couldn’t get any bigger (better), New York rap legend Busta Rhymes and New Orleans vet Mystikal are expected to be part of the YMCMB empire. The first single from Mystikal’s forthcoming release has already made its debut on NYC’s Hot 97 radio station while Busta’s new single off his upcoming album E.L.E. (Extinction Level Event) 2: End Of The World features another bass banger featuring R&B turnt rap bad boy Chris Brown.

I personally think it’s a good switch for Busa Buss and Mystikal—we all know the album will actually drop *ahem (Aftermath). E.L.E. is set to release on Google Music.

Busta Rhymes feat. Chris Brown – Why Stop Now

Mystikal feat Lil’ Wayne & Birdman – Original

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Major Lazer: Original Don Video

Although nothing like what I expected—it still entertains. Plenty of swordplay but no daggering.

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Drive: Bruno et Tom

Check out this digital short from french animation team Burno Mangyoku and Tom Haugomat. With Drive already becoming a cult classic, it would be nice to see a full animated feature. Hopefully time will tell. *insert 80’s soundtrack.

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BBNG: Brooklyn Zoo/The World Is Yours

T.O. Canada has no shortage of good music. Already claiming home to hip-hop/R&B giants such as Drake, the Weeknd, and live-remix masters Keys N Krates, T.O. now nurtures BadBadNotGood, a three piece ensemble composed of Matthew A. Tavares (Keys, Synthesizer), Chester Hansen (Electric Bass & Sampler), and Alex Sowinski (Drums & Sampler). Making their debut with YouTube covers such as J Dilla, Waka Flocka Flame, and their most buzzing collaboration with Odd Future MC Tyler, The Creator, BBNG continues the musical flame to a bright, inspiring movement to the true, north, strong, and free.

Check out their latest live medley of ODB’s Brooklyn Zoo and Nas’ The World Is Yours.

Free downloads of their music are available at

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Arian Noveir: Super Heroes

Check out these simplistic comic book posters by French graphic designer Arian Noveir. Truly inspiring. Hulk Splat!



Rihanna: Birthday Cake

The great thing about music is that it never fails to surprise you. ‘Birthday Cake’ from Rihanna’s latest album ‘Talk, Talk, Talk’ is an instant banger. The looping hand-claps, deep bass, sirens, and provocative lyrics are the perfect ingredients to make any booty quake. And coming from Rihanna, I’m sure it tastes as good as it sounds. Hey-O!

Extended version courtesy of DJ Green.